Becky Pine, Personal Coach Helping People Create Better Lives

Becky Pine is a psychotherapist and personal coach. She holds an MSW degree from Simmons College. Prior to that she majored in English at Carleton College and earned a teaching degree from Boston University.

Becky taught in Afghanistan for two years and in the Acton school system for four years. Since 1990 she has worked as a psychotherapist in mental health facilities in Lowell, Lawrence, and Concord. She is a registered LICSW in private practice in Andover and Groton Massachusetts.

Becky is an active listener who draws on her experience as a parent, teacher, business person and fellow seeker of spiritual peace. She is passionate about the importance of thoughtful decision-making in all aspects of life, and thrives on seeing her clients grow in new directions.

Becky Pine

100 Hollis Street

Groton, MA 01450


Please note: I have retired from pro­fes­sional practice and am no longer taking new clients.