Becky Pine, Personal Coach Helping People Create Better Lives

“By talking with you, I learned to strategize rather than complain” about annoyances with my kids, spouse, and housework. “Now it feels effortless” to keep my house neat and organized.

T.L. Coaching Client

“I’m impressed at how well you listen to what people have to say.”

Workshop Participant

“You have such a wonderful way of putting things in a positive perspective.”

C.H. Coaching Client

Workshops were “clear, well-presented, lots of info, excellent … well-prepared, a thorough job.”

Workshop Participant

“A genuinely nice person, someone who cares. I have never felt so understood in so many ways … a warm and compassionate human being.”

C.K. Therapy Client

“You helped me through an extremely difficult chapter in my life, and helped me begin a whole new chapter.”

L.G. Therapy Client

Talking with you “helped me sort things out … through the hardest year of my life.”

T.D. Therapy Client

“Your openness and warmth, combined with your interactive presentation style, made for an interesting and informative afternoon and allowed the residents the opportunity to discuss their concerns and ideas openly.”

Retirement Community Presentation

Becky Pine

100 Hollis Street

Groton, MA 01450


Please note: I have retired from pro­fes­sional practice and am no longer taking new clients.