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Writings     An Invitation Inward

Becky Pine ©1999

I invite you to embark on a fantastic journey
To discover the unique core of you
To find the strength and wisdom at the core of your being,
The abiding peace of knowing who you are and what makes you tick.

To strengthen the roots that ground you,
And expand the wings that carry you into the future.

I invite you into yourself.

And who am I to issue this invitation?

I’m a thinker, a seeker, and an asker of questions
I’m outspoken, outgoing, and unfailingly optimistic
I cannot keep from sharing myself and nurturing connections with others.

I’m curious about everything,
From the big picture to the intricate details,
From the public persona to the intimate interior,
From the visible behaviors to the emotions that drive them,
I am endlessly intrigued by the process that transforms the seed into precisely
         the brilliantly-hued blossom it was meant to be,
And empowers the spirit to courageously embark on its own unique journey
         toward wholeness.

I am a wife, a daughter, a sister and a mother,
Descended from pilgrims and immigrants,
         New England yankees and transplanted Europeans,
Adventurers who crossed oceans in search of opportunity,
         And builders and designers of ships to carry them,
Laborers who mined the riches of the earth,
         And educators who unearthed the riches of the mind,
Intrepid explorers undaunted by the difficulties of the journey,
         And determined women unconcerned with the bounds of convention,
Artists, authors, and statesmen who gained fame and public glory,
         And mothers famous only in their families for their loving nurturance.

I know the importance of roots, the benefits of security, the comfort of
And I know the liberation of wings, the freedom to explore, and the joy of
I know the exhilaration and apprehension of venturing into the unknown,
And the security and pleasure of a companion to share the journey.

I know the transformative power of conversation with a thoughtful listener.
I’ll travel with you into the depths of your head, heart and soul.
When you’re ready to discover yourself, Let’s talk!

Becky Pine

100 Hollis Street

Groton, MA 01450


Please note: I have retired from pro­fes­sional practice and am no longer taking new clients.